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Preventative Care

“Prevention is key” cannot be stressed enough! Preventing disease is always more effective and cheaper than treating disease. This also saves your animal from pain, stress, lifelong chronic changes to their lifestyle. At Valley Veterinary Services, we recommend at least years preventative care exams for all our patients!

These appoints help us not only establish a relationship with you and your pet, but also a baseline, so we can monitor and manage your pet’s health as things changes. This is a great time to screen for early signs of illness, but also use preventative measures such as vaccines and parasite preventatives.


Did you know that horse’s teeth continually grow until the age of 25 years old? Because of this they also naturally wear their teeth. However, since their maxilla (upper jaw) is wider than their mandible (lower jaw), they do not wear their teeth evenly. With time, this causes sharp “points” that can cause ulcers to the tongue and cheek. This can cause them severe pain to their mouth that can cause performance issues, weight loss and issues with the bit and under the saddle. On average, horses need their teeth floated (points ground down) every 1-2 years for maintenance. In severe cases, an unmanaged mouth can lead to a wave mouth, and an over wearing or their teeth where they can wear down the crowns of their teeth inappropriately, causing unnecessary loss of teeth. Schedule your preventative care exam today so we can see if a float is needed!

Our Camelid friends (Alpacas and Llamas) continue to grow their incisors and can often get overgrown incisors (similar to rodents!). Every 1-3 years we may need to trim those incisors to help them chew and keep a balanced mouth.

Does your pet pig have stinky breath? Yes, pigs can get tartar buildup and halitosis just like our cat and dog family members. They can also be prone to dental root and even tusk infections. We also offer full services pig dentistry, in addition to routine tusk trimmings!



We follow the American Association of Equine Practitioner’s (AAEP) recommendations on equine vaccines as follows:

  • Spring Vaccines: 5 Way Vaccine (EWT/Flu/Rhino), West Nile Virus Vaccine
  • Fall Vaccines: 5 Way Vaccine (EWT/Flu/Rhino), Rabies Vaccine.


For our pet pigs we recommend the following vaccines:

  • Respiratory Combo vaccine every 6 months
  • Tetanus annually
  • Rabies annually.

For our breeding and show swine, please contact us to schedule a consultation for the best vaccine program for your farm!


Pet animals we recommend minimally the following:

  • CDT vaccine every 6 months
  • Rabies vaccine annually


Valley Veterinary Services offers 24/7 emergency services to our patients! In some cases, we can fit you in during business hours, and other cases we will see you after hours or during weekends or holidays. If you are experiencing an emergency, please CALL and keep calling until we answer at (559) 942-1101!

Digital Radiology

X-ray can be a key factor to diagnosing and treating lameness and other major issues in our livestock species. Our mobile x-ray unit is always in our truck and ready to pull out at a moment’s notice.


Although ultrasound in the field is most used for breeding soundness exams and pregnancy confirmations, we can also look for tendon tears, intestinal distension, abdominal fluid and more.

Lameness Exam

There is nothing more frustrating when your performance animal, or faithful companion comes up lame! We offer lameness exams and evaluations which start with a detailed exam, flexion tests and may also include radiology or ultrasound.

Pre-Purchase Exam

Protect your investment by having your valuable animal evaluated by a veterinarian PRIOR to purchasing! This protects you as a buyer that the animal you’re interested in, is not only sound, but healthy as well! This can be anything from a basic wellness and lameness exam, all the way up to full X-Rays evaluation of hooves and joints. We also offer drug screening in case any foul play is suspected.


We offer full laboratory testing from blood work, fecal screening, urinalysis, histopathology, cultures, disease screening, vaccine titers and more!

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